2016 - My Year In Review

December 06, 2016

So 2016 has been a pretty tragic year in terms of politics, celebrity deaths and acts of terrorism, some may even label it 'The Worst Year In History' which in many ways is true. However reflecting in a more positive light there have been many great things to come out of this year for me personally which is what we shall focus on. You know what they say surround yourself with positivity and all that jazz...

Photo Cred: Maisie Leavy
As hard as it is to think all the way back 12 months when I can hardly remember what I did last week is proving a challenge... However with a photographic memory my iPhotos will help me along the way.


Right at the start of January (the 1st to be precise) I no showed to my McDonald's job, and someone snitched on me so a cracking start to 2016. Apparently the rest of this month just consisted of many many many nights out. Do you ever learn Chloe? January was the month I began to really enjoy make up and putting it on for no reason, I guess thats pretty significant to this year! I also celebrated my 19th birthday which was probably one of the nicest birthdays I've ever had, many thanks to family & friends & Alfie & his family for that. I also got an unconditional offer to my favourite university, RESULT! Mentally, January wasn't the best month for me at all, probably one of the worst of my life if im completely honest. It's so strange speaking about this on here as I've never mentioned it before but it makes me quite sad to think back on it again. I'll cover this in more detail in another post when I feel its appropriate! 

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Pretty exciting month to me because I got to celebrate Valentines Day for the first time in my life! Even though on the day we were too hungover to do anything, we bought Iceland food (how romantic) and we dragged ourselves to the cinema to watch Deadpool, top notch film I have to say. Overall lovely day, typical of us to be dying but you know live fast die young. Not quite the romantic date you see in movies, but is it ever like the movies? I think not. I also quit my McDonald's job in this month on a very informed decision whilst drunk that I didn't want to go in ever again, so thats what happened I blocked their number and continued life as usual. Probably not a wise decision?Other than that a pretty average month of going out many times and spending the remainder of my money on food...

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Yep. you guessed it many more nights out. No wonder I've gone off the idea of going out now! So in the rest of March not very much happened AGAIN (recurring theme and incite into my boring life). I got a job at B&Q which was a perfect timing considering I was running very low on money from stupidly quitting my previous job whilst drunk... I also visited Leeds properly for the first time with Alfie, which was exciting as this was the place I had decided to go to University at. Mentally, I was slightly better by this point in the year but still not at my best. I was kindly sent some help for this by a very good friend which I will insert below. 

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I don't even need to mention it again but yeah NIGHTS OUT GALORE. I started my job at B&Q loving it at first and then hating every aspect of it very quickly, you only have to walk inside a B&Q and you'd understand why. Due to getting this job I had to quit my 4 year Saturday job I got from work experience at school at the florist, very sad times indeed :( Alongside leaving my Saturday job I also left college early due to large amounts of anxiety surrounding it, but hey ho I'm at Uni now so that didn't matter too much. My time was pretty much all consumed by this so not much else happened, surprise surprise... 

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So in May I bought lots of new make up and really got into it all, guess thats interesting? The best part of this month was a wedding which I was kindly invited to, which was one of Alfie's family friends. First wedding I've been to that I am actually old enough to remember and enjoy which is pretty odd. Beautiful day overall. I was really feeling my own outfit for the first time ever! Slightly less interesting part of this month was finding somewhere to live in Leeds, it had to be done and I was so glad it was sorted to rest those anxieties! Alfie and I also celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 31st of this month! 

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PARKLIFE! Very long anticipated throughout the year but it was such an amazing festival, only downside being the 2 hours sleep I had over 2 days! More nights out were also involved in this month... Work Work Work also which consisted of angry supervisors due to me leaving in 2 months time for Uni, whoops. Just to add work was such a chore at this point taking up all of my time, when you're just working to pay rent and having no leftover money it begins to feel awful.

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Flower arranging for a hen do was the highlight of this month, sounds sad I know, heard it all before! But yeah as I said I had previously worked in a florist for 4 years so it was nice to be arranging some flowers again and seeing how happy the bride to be was with them! This month included lots of chilling outdoor with friends, something I don't usually do because ahem.. ginger and anxiety? Mentally a very strong month for me, which made a pleasant change.

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A last minute drunken decision meant I now had a ticket to Leeds Festival, after swearing the year before I would never go again I had massively gone back on myself (something I wish I had stuck by). As it was so muddy it bought a downer on the festival to me and being without Alfie sucked (when your other half is also your best friend it makes it so much worse) so I didn't enjoy it half as much as I should've. But it was an experience none the less. Friendships ended this month also, which was a long time coming in my opinion. I feel I had really grown up at this point as these friendships ended without any bad will intended on the counterparts. (I wish you all the best if you're reading this)! There was also another wedding in this month which is pretty exciting! I also quit B&Q which seemed to annoy people there that I didn't choose checkouts over a career but whatever I'm over it. To end on a more positive note my braces were taken off which was a godsend!

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So September is where this blog started up if I am correct, I was absolutely terrified to publish my first post due to caring what others thought but thats not something that bothers me anymore! I moved to Leeds this month with Alfie also, which terrified me again but eventually when settled in I was fine and the irrational fear was gone! When the student loan dropped I'm pretty sure Alfie and I ate at 90% of the restaurants in Leeds City Centre... I think thats where all my extra weight has come from :( On a positive note the going out has pretty much stopped now !!!

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A really really good month, everything went perfectly! I finally got into the groove of blogging and caring less about other peoples opinions because it made me happy, thats the main thing anyway! This month is written about in more detail in my 'First Month At Uni' post. I find it hard to make really good friends with people in such a short amount of time so it didn't bother me too much that I didn't really have any at this point. 

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So by November I was in a love hate relationship with uni, I really didn't want to be there so most of it was spent staying in my room for 7 days a week which really doesn't help the situation. But alongside this my mind was in a happier place, I had learnt by this point that negative thoughts was not the way to go about helping myself. The first year of uni academically isn't too hard but mentally it is, I guess its only normal to feel so trapped. But on to more positive things now :) 

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So we're only a week or so into December but I know the outline of this month which I'll just add now to make life easier! I have a job at the moment which is based on serving and helping run Christmas parties which is pretty fun even if I am only serving people food. So Christmas is being spent away from home for the first time in 19 years which is pretty exciting, instead I will be in Somerset with Alfie's family and I cannot wait! New Year will also be spent away from my own family, again with Alfie's in Nottingham which is as equally exciting, they know how to throw a party! 

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Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself (and my blog) and where I have come over the last year, I am definitely a lot stronger than I lead myself to believe. I'm hoping 2017 is going to be a much better year overall, so next time I do this type of post I will have more to say than 'went out a lot' and 'didn't do very much if im honest'! I will be writing a goals for 2017 post in order to motivate myself to do more with my time. Thank you so much to all of you who read this, I never would've thought people would actually be interested in me! I love you all !!!


Thank you very much for reading this U RULE x

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